Carlos MedellĂ­n

design research
urban planning


I am a strategic designer that builds spaces for social engagement and individual empowerment. This means that I approach design as a social practice, and my work explores how space can address the structural inequity that shapes our society.

Through qualitative research, communication strategies, cultural programming, and technology I develop frameworks for art, architecture, design research and urban planning to intersect. This strategy produces hybrid structures where space becomes an active learning process where public dialog, community-based collaborations, and collective knowledge can improve the ways we build our environment and the relations within.

In my practice design is a tool that has different roles and scales of impact. It is the medium to recognize the other, understand a context and foster civic participation. It is also a way to mediate between different positions on spaces, which are thought to bring people and ideas closer together . Moreover, it is a set of different media that works together to unfold alternative concepts that shifts and broadens perceptions on how individuals, communities and institutions can relate.

I have experience conceptualizing, designing and managing artistic, architectural and urban projects across the globe. I have also developed social entrepreneurship, strategic transdisciplinary projects and participated in education as a teacher and researcher. I am an architect from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and studied a postgraduate program at Strelka Institute for media, architecture, and design in Moscow.