The first program of restorative justice for adolescents in conflict with the law in Bogotá was implemented in 2016. The implementation of alternative forms of justice should go alongside a reflection on the kind of spaces that should be devoted to the development of new restorative practices.

The program dialogue articulates four elements: (i) the implementation of spaces to improve and foster restorative practices, (ii) the creation of pedagogical devices for the compilation and display of testimonies, (iii) the strengthening of a new culture for justice that expands to public space, and (iv) an accessible communication system.

(i) spaces for restorative practices

(ii) pedagogical devices

(iii) expansion to public space

(iv) communication system

The objective of Dialogue is to become a program that through the three main concepts of restorative justice: responsibility, reparation, and reintegration, introduces a more humanized approach to space and foster a new culture for justice in Colombia.


Model developed as director of horizontal. Designed by Carlos Medellín, Nicolas Paris, Maria Victoria Londoño, Pablo Londoño, Sebastián Rivera, Pierre Puentes, Steff Cañón and Julian Bejarano

Branding and Website by Carlos Medellín + Montenegro Studio

Client: UNODC and Secretaria Distrital de Justicia of Bogotá