FILBO is one of the main cultural events in Bogota. Despite encouraging readers and being an important financial promoter for the city, pavilions are usually disposable pieces that are thrown away after the fair. We challenged this idea by designing a model that could be useful for the community when the fair was over.

In Collaboration with MVRDV, we designed a modular system of crates to create a set of pavilions with different configurations, each one colored depending on its purpose. The crates can be reassembled into different organizations so once the event is over they can act as social and educational spaces throughout the city.

The objective of this project was to think of a pavilion that could showcase Dutch design while taking into account the importance of sustainability and the useful life of the project, thus thinking beyond its users inside the fair and giving to it new uses that foster cultural and social community growth.


My role on the project was as the local architect.

Designed by MVRDV, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries, Winy Maas, Fokke Moerel, Luca Moscelli, Gabriela Barrera, Elien

Partners: Graphic Designer: Irma Boom and Co-architect: Carlos MedellĂ­n