How do we grow? How do we solve conflicts? How do we produce? How do we love? How do we celebrate? Through tools that identify synergies and approaches between art, architecture, design and social sciences we wanted to answer these questions on common transversal themes to the everyday life of people in Queens, New York.

The objective was to implement the tools as workshops in alliance with the Queens Museum, fostering the recognition of informal learning processes that trigger different ways of living and understanding New York City. My role was to lead the research and design

TRANSgrediendo: Intercultural Collective that defends and promotes the human rights of the diverse Trans* and gender-diversity identity populations


Adhikaar: Organization committed to improving the lives of the Nepali-speaking community and getting our voices heard in the social justice movement.


New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE): Organization focus on organizing and supporting newly arrived immigrants who face significant challenges in finding safe, dignified, and well-paying jobs and are at high risk of workplace abuse and exploitation.


Mujeres en Movimeinto:  ​It is a collective trying to close a gap between undocumented communities and civic life, where English language skills can be a barrier for entry.


Project Luz: A learning group that uses photography as a tool to explore the city and tell its stories, Project Luz is a space to learn and share different points of view through images.


Project developed as Teacher at Columbia GSAPP.

Directed by Carlos Medellín, Sol Aramendi, Andrea Chiney, Sara Vera and Giancarlo Mazzanti, Associated with New New Yorkers|Queens Museum

Students: Iyad Abou Gaida, Carolina Aguiar Madureira, Lojean AlAli, Daniel Cedillo, Axel Dechelette, Michael Delgado, Kilmo Kang, Nicholas Soniprasad, Jean Pierre Villafañe and Shuang  Zhao.