From the understanding of the citizen’s needs through the practice of ludic activities, we achieved a meeting environment around “learning” as a “natural” habit of knowledge construction through dialogue, the exchange between people, the built environment and the natural landscape.

The project is proposed as a permeable container, thought as a promoter of constant modifications by the user, giving the building a changing nature while being appropriated and activated by the community.

From the involvement with the public policy “educational parks”, the main objective of this project was to offer to the community of Marinilla a place where cultural identities and informal educational processes can be expressed, made known, fostered and preserved.


Project developed as director of research and concept design at el Equipo Mazzanti and horizontal.

Designed by Carlos Medellín, Juan Manuel Gil, Manuela Dangond, Maria Sol Echeverri, Aldo Sicilia, Nicolas Paris, Olivier Dambron, Patricia Gualteros, Sebastián Negret, Yuli Velásquez. Practicantes: Kelly Lambale, Milou Telling, Mohamed Al-Shafie, Enrico Perin and Giancarlo Mazzanti.

Pedagogical workshops by Nicolás Paris.

Client: Viva – Educative Parks Porject, Antioquia Government