Through the placement of modules that could be used in several positions depending on different needs, four schools in Prishtina (Kosovo) were transformed into community centers that beyond their function as schools can become meeting spaces for the community.

Through a modular and flexible space complemented with elements such as curtains and graphic interventions, the aim was to make room for multiple activities within the same space,  not only for those that are part of a formal curriculum, but also extra-curricular activities that allow the place to have a full-time period activity.

The objective of this project was to produce a replicable model and a user manual so the community itself could transform and use it in different ways.


Model developed as director of horizontal.

Designed by Carlos Medellín, Juana Van Hemelryck, Sebastian Rivera, Sara Vera, Pierre Puentes, Ruben Gómez,Lina Celis, Leonardo Villegas, Catalina Quintero and Giancarlo Mazzanti. in association with El Equipo Mazzanti, Operastudio and Gëzim Paçarizi

Branding and Website by Carlos Medellín + Montenegro Studio

Client: World Bank Group and IFC-International Finance Corporation