An exhibition thought as a place to play, a space of actions and reactions, an architecture of events. It is a space made up of a structure of exercises in constant transformation, where the museum stops being a static space but becomes a space that needs its user’s interactions.

The exhibition space revolved around the reconfiguration of elements and space, allowing visitors to become the architects of the exposition.

The aim was to become a speaking architecture, an exposition in which common architectural elements can be organized not only how they are used traditionally -but as the visitor’s imagination and needs indicate it.


Project developed as director of research and concept design at el Equipo Mazzanti and horizontal.

Designed by Carlos Medellín, Andrea Fajardo, Carlos Medellín, Eduardo Mediero, Irene Todero, Iván Samaniego, Juliana Zambrano, Maria Mazzanti, Mariana Bravo, Natalia Marín and Giancarlo Mazzanti. Public program design by Nicolas Paris and Carlos Medellín

Client: 1st Chicago Architecture Biennial