Sometimes rethinking the relationship we have with  space means to change our point of view. This participative workshop was a medium to make visible the citizen’s desires and needs and to invite people to be part of a design process. With the performance of collective activities, it was possible to foster new interactions and relations of the citizens with the Paramaribo river.

Framed in the main public space on the heritage center, a classroom and an observation tower were installed on the waterfront of Suriname’s capital. To obtain new perspectives about the riverside meaning, the tower was used as an observatory that created a collective learning process where understanding the citizen’s relationship with the river was the main objective.

This tactical urbanism installation was a research tool structured through the idea of understanding the past, present and (the) future of Paramaribo’s waterfront. Each activity was designed to produce community engagement and to collect different types of qualitative data to inform the future urban design development.


Project developed as director of horizontal.

Designed by Carlos Medellín, Josephine Philipsen, Pablo Londoño in association with Geografía Urbana and Woei A Sioe Architects

Client: Inter-American Development Bank-(IDB)