This is a pedagogical model developed to identify existing synergies and complementary methodological approaches between art, architecture, design, and social sciences as communication entities that can be applied transversally into problem-solving scenarios. A set of different media that when implemented in a design process could give a new perspective to architecture.

The main idea is to research how spaces can be designed through the understanding of its users. Developing four exercises: (i) the analysis of context and heterotopic spaces, (ii) the design of a toy, (iii) the implementation of the toys in a series of workshops and (iv) a proposal that thought architecture as an artifact.

The objective of this advanced architecture studio at Columbia University GSAPP is to learn how people from diverse backgrounds and with many different identities learn to live in challenging urban scenarios.


Model developed as a teacher at Columbia GSAPP. Directed by Carlos MedellĂ­n and Giancarlo Mazzanti

Teaching Assistants:

Andrea Chiney, Ayesha Ghosh, Felipe Robayo and Sara Vera